Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS for Legs & Body with Skin Softening Cherry Oil

Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS for Legs & Body with Skin Softening Cherry Oil

Body Zone(s): Body & Underarms, Legs

The all new Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS with Skin Softening Cherry Oil provides a luxurious at-home waxing experience. The Cherry Oil Extract works to soften your delicate, sensitive skin, while removing even the shortest hair for up to 4 weeks**.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Skin Softening – Contains Skin Softening Cherry Oil extract
  • Our Fastest, Easiest Wax Strips Ever - No warming or rubbing required
  • Effective Breakthrough Resin Wax Formulation – Resin wax with breakthrough technology is ready to use right out of the box!
  • Easy-to-Use - Without any messy residue to clean up, your gorgeously smooth skin is ready to show off in minutes
  • Efficacy – Improved formula works on hairs as short as 2 mm; it removes hair from the root while caring for your skin with natural beauty ingredients
  • Long Lasting Results – Results last up to 4 weeks** helping to minimize hair regrowth with repeated use
  • Affordable – Hair removal at a fraction of the cost of the salon
  • Convenient – Can be used in the comfort of your own home
  • Size – Large size strip is perfect for legs and body areas
  • • Contains 40 wax strips + 4 finishing wipes

**Individual results may vary
Tests performed at temperatures equal to 20oC and above

  • Face & Eyebrows
  • Body & Underarms
  • Bikini
  • Legs
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